The Wonders of a Minimalist Nightstand

If you are in search of a new nightstand for your bedroom, the Modtone Nightstand is a good place to start. The Modtone Nightstand is probably the most refined minimalist nightstand in modern list, because of its sleek and beautiful design. It comes with a futuristic micro-thin design that is complimented well by a brushed chrome finish. This sleek and elegant night stand has a long, rectangular surface that has just enough room for your everyday accessories like your alarm clock, charger, and magazines. The micro-thin futuristic design of this nightstand gives it a futuristic look that is definitely not a flash in the pan.

The Wonders of a Minimalist Nightstand


Most modern minimalist nightstands are made of black micro-thin wood with micro-thin, smooth surfaces. However, the Walnut Wood Nightstand proves to be a different case altogether. Its walnut colored glass incorporates the most advanced technology to ensure a sturdy nightstand with the aesthetic appeal of natural wood. It’s a walnut that is surprisingly durable and tough, making it suitable for daily use. A sturdy, solid walnut table top adds a touch of style and elegance to any room.


These tables add a futuristic design and style to any bedroom. They have been used by royalty throughout the centuries and were always associated with strength and power. That’s why they were always included in the royalty’s furniture. These sturdy yet sleek and elegant nightstands are perfect bedroom furniture for a modern minimalist lifestyle.


The modern minimalist lifestyle includes clean lines and minimalism. This type of lifestyle prefers sleek and simple styles with high-quality finishes and materials that require less maintenance. If you want to make a statement with your bedroom design, then opt for the futuristic look of the futuristic minimalist nightstand. This sleek and handsome piece of furniture will surely add a unique style statement to your home. Its futuristic wood finish resembles cherry or maple with its smooth and rounded corners, giving a rich texture and a classy finish.


Zinus nightstands also come in sleek black metal designs. You can choose from an array of wood-grain patterns and colors that you find both modern and classic. The wood finish gives them a rich texture and looks great with any color of bedroom furniture. The Zinus bedside table is ideal for placing reading materials, lamps, or newspapers.


The Zinus bedside tables also come in a variety of sizes. They are made to fit small to tall bedroom furniture. It’s best for bedrooms with limited space, since the flexible design allows you to use it as corner furniture. When choosing this kind of furniture, make sure to choose the one that comes with built-in extension leaves so you won’t need to purchase extra height. This feature allows for other room furniture such as a chest of drawers and dressers to be placed right on top of the table.


As what most people would expect from the name, Zinus minimalist nightstands have both a lamp and a clock built into its design. The lamp serves as both a reading light and a dressing light. When you have time to read before bed, use the lamp to illuminate your face and body. If you’re in a hurry for a good night’s sleep, the built-in lamp works perfectly as your alarm clock.


Zinus bameos nightstands are available in various styles and shapes and comes in different colors such as light brown, deep chocolate, rust, and charcoal. You will definitely be amazed by the variety of styles and colors this unique kind of furniture offers. They are extremely durable as long as you take care of them properly. Keep in mind that the material that these desks are made of, although extremely sturdy and durable, is not too heavy so if you wish to use them as stationary furniture in the living room or in your bedroom, consider lightweight alternatives such as the Zinus bameos nightstand.