Practical Approaches to Minimalism and Intentional Living

Welcome to the minimalist mom tips to live by. In this article I will cover 5 quick and easy things you can do to help you create a minimalist lifestyle for your child. Most parents struggle with getting their kids to do what they want and to behave. They don’t want to spend all day thinking about how to get them to do a simple task like saying goodnight or walking across the street. Here are 5 quick tips that will help you create a minimalist lifestyle for your child.

Practical Approaches to Minimalism and Intentional Living


Minimalist Mom Rules: Don’t waste your time reading articles or scrolling on Facebook. Entertainment is great, and sometimes there are a specific time and place for this, but most of the time its not even the first thing on your mind when your kids are about. Keep your phone on at least until the day gets started. This is for the most part the same reason you give up TV at night.


Minimalist Style: Minimalists believe in minimalism in all areas of life. Your home, your clothes, your life, etc. When you are trying to create or maintain an intentional lifestyle most often it comes down to your clothing and how you dress it. Simplicity is key to creating an intentional lifestyle.


Using Declutter App: The decluttering app for the iPhone is a great way for moms to clutter their lives. When you use a minimalist app like this one you are helping your kids to get used to organizing their own lives as well. But, if your kids are using it the wrong way decluttering can be counterproductive because decluttering sometimes gets people in the habit of just throwing stuff into the “junk” pile.


Decluttering App: We all know that kids, especially toddlers, are messy. Many mothers worry that they will become disorganized when their kids are young and start to throw all of their toys into the corner. The truth is that moms have to be really careful what they are saying to their kids when they are disciplining them. Decluttering your life does not mean throwing out all your toys and giving up all your friends. A minimalist mom knows that by decluttering your life you will also simplify the things that your kids will have access to while they are growing up.


Decluttering Closets and Organizing Messy Toys: While I was in college my roommate and I would go through our closet and literally threw every piece of clothing we had over the couch. It literally took us three years to get everything organized. Even after three years, we still had a ton of clutter. I have to admit, for the most part, my minimalist mom and I were more into minimizing clutter but we both realized that to simplify things even more we needed to get rid of some of our stuff.


Organize Hygiene: Having a small bathroom makes me conscious of the fact that I am selfish because I don’t have to wash my hands before I use the bathroom. Decluttering and organizing also gives my minimalist mom a chance to see all of her goods and to appreciate the fact that she has a lovely house that she doesn’t have to clean five times a day. Decluttering and organizing also gets my kids involved because they can learn to take care of their stuff and that becomes a skill that they can pass on to their own children. As a result, my minimalist mom and I have made intentional living and minimalism a family activity.


Minimalism and intentional living don’t mean that the mom has to give up her artistic style or her freedom to choose her own colors and themes. In fact, she is better because her minimalist approach actually allows her to choose the furniture and accessories in her house. Decluttering and organizing can bring stress relief because it allows moms like my mother who struggles to keep organized to find a way to relax. It’s true that some moms will experience more conflict and tension because they are forced to give up a lot of their freedom and feel like they have to throw everything away, but when you give up the freedom to choose what goes in your house, you also give up a lot of stress.