How to Design a Modern and Minimalist Bedroom That Reflects Your Personal Taste

Minimalist is a very special concept, it focus on less is more, so does Minimalist Design for Your Bedrooms. If you are the type of people that hate cluttered bedrooms piled with lots of unused items, this article could be for you. In this article, I will introduce few classic and unique minimalist design ideas that will make your bedroom looks simple but stunning; small but stylist.

How Does Minimalist Designs Look

Typically you will find very light decorative and minimal furniture in minimalist bedrooms. They are usually not stuffed with unnecessary upholstered pieces like sofa and make-up tables. Wall and furnishing are usually painted with natural color with smooth surfaces. You will find only essential furniture with lots of empty space, clean and well organized accessories. A black platform bed with slim white desk can create a chic bedroom workspace for your room.

Matching Neutral Color

If you plan to have a minimalist bedroom, paint it with neutral color that will give a tranquil feel and classy look. You can add palette of crisp white on brown woods or mixture of gray to transform your room into vibe space. Balanced contra of bright and dark color can add visual appealing to your room as well. As for your bedding, find a good match of color between your mattress, blanket, pillow cases and window curtain such as white, grey, creamy and black.

Bold Minimalist Ideas

If you want to add bold and warm characteristic on top of the simple minimalist design, try adding Bohemian style to it! Vital color like red mix with white can really make your bedroom stand out. Vintage furniture and living plants can make the dull minimalist bedroom looks retro and lively.

To add some artistic flavor to your room, try switch to geometry shaped lamp and add some unique art works or painting on your walls. If you can find a modern design chair, that will be perfect!