Minimalist Kitchen Space Design Ideas – How to Incorporate Minimalist Kitchen Designs

We believe that the concept is about producing an uncluttered and modest kitchen space with budget essentials. Even those preoccupied with maximalist style have the own unique take of theirs on the simplified making room. But don’t allow other people’s choices that are personal confuse you. We’re here to sort via the wide range of styles which encapsulate the minimalist kitchen area.

When done very well, minimalism is able to have a really classic look that is going to be a rewarding remodel for many years to come. Continue reading for thirty ideas to integrate into your preparation for a minimalist kitchen area.

Distinct Countertop

The very first item on the guidelines is most likely the most complicated for most of us. It’s second nature for many Americans to fill up the countertops of theirs with huge devices, gizmos, coffee manufacturers, along with a lot more that ultimately take over the whole room and then alllow for a distracting, hideous eye line once you enter the kitchen area.

The first, and the majority important, step in creating a minimalist kitchen is actually clearing off your counters entirely. Keep the essential gadgets in not difficult to reach out drawers or shelves. In case an item does not spark pleasure, donate it to a thrift grocery or maybe neighborhood swap group. A fresh, very countertop attracts the eye throughout the kitchen of yours and is the ideal fabric for much more advanced minimalist design.

Slab Cabinets

Slab cabinets are the best improvement to create a room much more smooth and contemporary instantly. They include sound slab doors, hence the title, with no noticeable frame or perhaps panel. This visual simplicity enables the cabinetry to truly recede into the wall space, providing a smooth uniform appearance throughout the whole kitchen.

Slab cabinetry looks gorgeous in cream, mild wood tones as well as, for big kitchens, even black wood tones or even black. Make use of the dimensions of the kitchen of yours as a guidebook, the smaller it’s, the lighter the cabinets of yours must be for the very best sensation of space. Pair slab medicine cabinets with simple, unadorned hardware. For a perhaps starker, futuristic appearance mount hardware when using the lines operating perpendicular to the grain of this wood.


Quartz is actually a fairly recent material for countertops, though it’s quickly gaining in popularity because of its properties. It’s a lot easier to manage than granite while simultaneously boasting more excellent durability. Quartz is much more reluctant to staining than granite and it is not as likely to crack or chip. Making it even more appealing, quartz goes on to come down in cost and is currently comparable or perhaps even cheaper in price per square feet to granite.

The brilliant, sparkling dynamics of quartz countertops permits them to be a perfectly incredible centerpiece in a minimalist kitchen area. When left to talk for themselves with no clutter, the complete range of colors and veins and accent flecks within quartz is able to enhance any kind of personal choice, style, and pre existing cabinetry. For a genuinely sleek, contemporary minimalist kitchen look for great white quartz with neutral undertone grey swirls or perhaps flecks for a spotless finish.


Sure, really! Concrete is actually a surprisingly flexible information which may be an excellent match for a minimalist kitchen area. Concrete is incredibly durable and no far more susceptible to staining than any type of stone countertop. Concrete is actually susceptible to cracking, though the cracks may be repaired quite easily in contrast to granite countertops. Concrete countertops take so long as a month to treat completely and should likewise be sealed, though they’re rather impervious to a wide selection of harm after that progression.

Multipurpose, Useful Decor

While a completely uncluttered countertop is actually a noble purpose and a good aesthetic, it is seldom possible in training. Not many of us have drawers, pantries, and enough cabinets to keep every very last thing we want at arm’s measurements in the kitchen of ours, and several things, like perishable food items, are actually dangerous to hold out of sight with the threat of them dropping out of thought process.

The perfect workaround to this particular matter is functional decor which can serve several purposes. A unique or colorful patterned fruit bowl, for instance, can easily include a little bit of color and texture to the kitchen of yours while simultaneously assisting the special goal of keeping your perishable food within the line of yours of sight.

Monochromatic White

It should not come as any surprise which sharp, fresh, monochromatic white color is a very common function in minimalist designs, particularly for kitchens. The monochromatic design attracts your eye throughout the area with disruption, providing an extremely seamless, contemporary feel. Monochromatic white will be a great fit for an industrial and modern minimalist design.

An excellent characteristic of monochromatic white is the fact that it is able to match with a lot of styles, finishes, and also textures for pops of accents and colors. A strong, color that is bold in a dish towel or maybe fruit bowl is able to include a fun visual component, while a variety of metal finishes pair beautifully with cream for hardware or maybe decor elements.

Stainless Steel

This minimalist kitchen area concept will probably be debatable for many, as a lot of folks hold fiercely strong views on appliance finishes! Nevertheless, stainless steel can actually be a fresh, sharp attribute of a minimalist cooking area, particularly those that lean modern and industrial. While stainless steel could be a little of a pain, because of its unfortunate inclination to show smudges and fingerprints, its glossy shine pairs beautifully with a broad range of cabinet finishes in addition to countertops.

To earn a remarkable declaration, pair stainless with possibly glossy gray or maybe dark-gray matte slab medicine cabinet. White granite as well as quartz countertops look beautiful with stainless steel, particularly in case they’ve bronze or perhaps cool toned grey veins or perhaps flecks.

Warm Wood Tones

In the event that you would like to have your minimalist kitchen in a contemporary, manufacturing, or maybe Mid century modern path, warm wood tones might be a great option for cabinetry or perhaps a breakfast nook. Coupled with brilliant white-colored backsplashes, cabinetry, or maybe countertops, warm wood comes a thoroughly clean finish without looking stark or sterile.

For a Mid century twist, consider no hardware or round knobs at all on drawers and cabinetry. Additionally, search to round soft cushions on breakfast nook car seats with slanted legs to mirror the traditional style of the home furniture of this era. For manufacturing, rougher completed warm wood sounds are going to bring in the manufacturing touch, particularly if paired with a bit of metal elements.


While we have touched on concrete as well as stone countertops in the type of quartz and granite, there are much more stone options around for the minimalist cooking area, particularly in case you wish to go in an industrial or maybe farmhouse direction. Sleek stone with up finishes are able to produce a completely luxe finish while still sticking with the beautifully unpolluted lines of minimalism.

For a minimalist kitchen which leans towards Rustic or french farmhouse, look to basic stone finishes as well as warmer tones. A shiny, textured stone backsplash is able to match beautifully with light or white, warm toned wood slab shelves for a genuinely stunning, unique appearance.

Sculptural Lighting

A great way to put in a little bit of visual interest and drama to the strong, good lines of a minimalist kitchen area is actually through sculptural lighting, particularly if the shapes contrast individuals of the cooking area cabinetry. For instance, in case you’ve clear, lines that are crisp throughout your slab cabinetry as well as hardware, try out a sculpted burning centerpiece with curved or maybe circular designs.

A sculptural burning piece is additionally a good way to work in the much desired pop of color or maybe perhaps another moderate, like glass or wood, to contribute to the textural and visual interest throughout the room. In case your kitchen area is predominantly wood, try out a metal or maybe glass sculptural lighting portion. In case your kitchen is seriously stone, wood will be a great option for a sculptural burning fixture.

Simple Crowd Seating

Minimalist does not have meaning uninviting or austere. Numerous instances of minimalist kitchens feature very little to without seating, but that does not have to be observed! A basic dark wood dining room table with hairpin legs as well as hairpin leg supported benches are able to add space for as a lot as ten to twelve individuals without sacrificing the thoroughly clean lines you have worked extremely hard to achieve.

For seating, search to hot wood tones, which range from dark to light based on the area you’ve to work with as well as the existing hues in the kitchen of yours. Simple wood tables as well as benches are fairly simple to locate and will work superbly in your minimalist room so long as they adhere to arts that are essential and crafts style and aren’t overworked.

Matte Finishes

Minimalist, designs that are modern are usually linked with lustrous and glossy finishes on everything from up quartz countertops to smooth, reflective fiberglass cabinetry. Nevertheless, matte finishes will also be a gorgeous idea for minimalist designs and could pair beautifully with industrial and modern leaning styles.

Matte black cabinetry is actually probably the most common way to integrate matte finishes right into a minimalist kitchen, though it’s far from the sole way. Consider matte white-colored cabinetry paired with concrete countertop or a stone for much more manufacturing minimalism. Matte completed woods for slab medicine cabinet, breakfast nook stools, or maybe a butcher block countertop is actually warmer ways to integrate mattes.