Make Your Own Pumpkin Snowman Costume

So, your kid is certainly going trick-or-treating, so you wouldn’t like to hurt you wallet by collecting an expensive costume measuring only likely to be worn once. But they still have to be fun and inventive, right? Well then, this is a strategy for the homemade pumpkin snowman costume!

What you will need:

Lots of newspaper

Orange garbage bag

Black marker


Orange face paint (optional)

Green hat


Orange construction paper


Cut two holes at the base of the garbage bag for that legs, and 2 around the sides for the arms. Place your youngster inside and crumple up a bunch of newspaper and stuff the bag making it round. (You can also use pillows, one around the front then one on the back, then tying string around your son or daughter’s body to keep them upright and secure.)

Tie the string throughout the bag to divide the bag into two sections – a large “pumpkin snowball” below, plus a smaller one to the chest section. Your child’s head would be the third “pumpkin.”

Draw three large black dots on your front for buttons. If you wish, draw black vertical lines down each section include them as look more like pumpkins. Be creative! If you child stays still, it is possible to draw jack o’lanterns too.

Next, should you desire, and your child looks her age enough, use orange face paint to make their head in the third and top pumpkin. You may also increase the risk for area surrounding their eye black to be resemble large coal eyes. Again, using creativity, you’ll be able to have a great deal of fun using this.

Finally, your pumpkin snow kid requires a carrot for any nose. Roll the little bit of construction paper right into a cone and tape it shut. Flatten it out at the edges for comfort (there is nothing worse than paper cuts on the face!) and cut a little indentation underneath so your son or daughter can properly breathe.

Create two small holes and tie string to at least one end, knotting it on the end so it is bigger than the hole. Wrap the string around your youngster’s head and loop it through the outlet around the other side in the face. Pull tight so the nose doesn’t droop, but remains comfortable. Tie to secure.

Done! You now have a lovely pumpkin snowman. Be sure to steer clear of bonfires and other warm environments that may melt snowmen or turn them into pumpkin pie! And have a Happy Halloween!