6 Must-Haves For Your Minimalist Portfolio

6 Must-Haves For Your Minimalist Portfolio

A minimalist portfolio WordPress theme is perfect for creative people, photographers, graphic designers, and others who want to showcase their best work. The theme comes with unlimited themes with 3 main portfolio types (text, images, and video). This kind of theme can be easily customized to suit the needs of its users, and the options are endless. You can choose the colors and logos that best suits your personality and makes you stand out from the rest. Here are some ways to maximize the use of this kind of theme:


a. Clean It Up! Blogs nowadays are extremely simple, yet the effort to make them look neat and clean is always being taken. By simply deleting those old duplicate images and empty spaces in your blog, you are already making sure that your page is clutter-free. You don’t have to be a designer to know that it is extremely simple to fix all those ugly clutters in your page. All you need is to find yourself a reliable photo thinner and start fixing your page!


b. Make Your Portfolio Search Engine Optimized. Because your WordPress theme will only show up on the front-page of search engines when you include keywords, it is important that you optimize your portfolio for search engine listings. There are many free tools that can be used for your optimization, such as Wordtracker and SEO-SEO. You can also spend time in optimizing your header, footer, and sidebars to make sure that you get as many backlinks as possible.


c. Use Minimalistic WordPress Themes. Yes, this kind of theme is incredibly simple, but this is actually the best kind of theme for a new or inexperienced user. Most of the current themes that you can find in the marketplace today use a lot of bells and whistles that come with flashy elements, which tend to attract more attention than plain and basic colors and styles. A lot of beginners end up having their portfolios marred down because of their inexperience. With a minimalist theme, you won’t have to deal with that.


d. Be creative with the elements of your portfolio. One way to keep your theme visually simple while still being dynamic is by including elements that are dynamic but still very simple. For example, drop shadows can give an illusion of shadows being rendered on certain parts of your background. This can also add some flair to the design of your portfolio. You just have to make sure that the elements that will be shadowing your image are extremely simple and consistent.


e. Do not overcrowd your theme. There is nothing that slows down a search engine crawling rate more than an unnecessarily congested homepage. Remember that search engines are constantly scouring the internet to pull out the best websites, so it is important that you only include things in your portfolio that are really important. Don’t put too much unnecessary information and unnecessary images in your portfolio. It would be a pity if search engines penalize your website because of an over-bloated homepage.


f. Be patient with your portfolio. It may take you several weeks to really see the results of your hard work. Don’t expect to see a huge transformation right away. Minimalists always make the most out of their portfolio period. So don’t be impatient with waiting for results and make sure to test your theme every now and then.


g. Always remember that it would be best to stick to a minimalist WordPress theme. The WordPress default theme that comes with your blog is very complex and many bloggers find it hard to deal with. Some even go as far as to deleting this default theme and installing another. A lot of bloggers don’t mind doing this because they prefer a minimalist portfolio which is easier to manage. Just remember that your portfolio doesn’t need to have all the bells and whistles but it should at least have some basic elements that will make creating and showcasing your work’s simpler.